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  • Giving Legacy Radio Educating and connecting Americans that want to rebuild sustainable communities in the face of our rising national debt and economic crisis.
  • 8-Spokes of Urban Transformation There are 8-Spokes to transforming urban communities. St. Louis is leading the charge and hundreds of organizations are reshaping the urban youths through the 8-Spokes of Urban Transformation.
  • The Committee on Economic Development The CED conducts research on major economic and social issues and actively informs and engages the business community in an effort to achieve policy reform for the good of the nation. Membership is made up of some 200 senior corporate executives and university leaders who lead CED's research and outreach efforts.
  • The Urban Institute The Urban Institute gathers data, conducts research, evaluates programs, offers technical assistance overseas, and educates Americans on social and economic issues — to foster sound public policy and effective government.
  • State Data Lab - Unfunded Retirement Accounts Sheila Weinberg, CEO and Founder is auditing and reporting on the truthful financial situation facing each of our 50 states.
  • Peter G. Peterson Foundation Increasing public awareness on the urgency of America's fiscal challenges, founded by Peter G. Peterson.
  • The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University Created to increase the understanding of philanthropy, improve its practice, and enhance participation in philanthropy.
  • The Giving Pledge The initiative started by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to challenge the wealthiest in America to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

Giving Legacy Library

The Giving Legacy Library has detailed explanations on the topics presented in the Giving Legacy Plan:
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Is There a Solution to America's Entitlement Fiscal Disaster?

From 1946 to 1965 the baby boom generation pumped 30% more citizens into the United States of America. That created an economic boom of employment horsepower that pumped billions of dollars into the Medicare and Social Security trust funds. Then, we spent all that money and now that those baby boomers are retiring those trust funds are depleted and according to the latest 2020 Medicare Trustee Report "[T]he present value of the additional resources that would be necessary to meet projected expenditures, for the three programs combined, is $65.4 trillion." Yes, that was 65.4 TRILLION with a "T". The Children of Tomorrow are going to inherit the worst legacy any generation could imagine, and Congress has refused to do anything about it for the past 16 years. Go to Pages 203-204 of the report (Pages 209-210 in the Adobe PDF file) to see the individual trust funds that comprise the $65.4 trillion deficit.

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The State of Our Union

Christopher Riley, founder of the Giving Legacy organization has delivered his own State of the Union address. He has also done countless hours of analysis and has pulled together research from across the country on just what a solution might be to this fiscal crisis. Click below to see all of the videos and radio addresses that will address this fiscal crisis. Click on the Overview Video of the State of the Union in the library section to see the YouTube video outlining our country's dangerous fiscal situation...

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