Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Giving Legacy organization. The Giving Legacy organization strives to create efficient, effective, and sustainable communities in the wake of the greatest economic turbulence this country has ever seen. After 25 years of owning and operating businesses, Riley has spent the last five years focusing on a much bigger business, the United States of America. Riley's undergraduate education from Santa Clara University and the London School of Economics produced degrees in Finance and Philosophy. He received his Master's in Organizational Psychology at Kansas State University where he created his proprietary Natural Motivation Matrix© and Giving Profile©. His ability to bring business acumen, accountability, and results-oriented strategies into the big business of America's philanthropic and governmental organizations is a much needed resource as America is facing difficult decisions going forward. Collaborating with family foundations, philanthropists, charitable organizations, and government agencies is a key to our country continuing to lead the world in innovation, economic power, and intentional philanthropy. Riley's multi-faceted experience lends itself to orchestrating such a collaboration. Riley works directly with foundations, family offices, and businesses of these entities. He operates in a CEO capacity or as a high-level consultant to bring efficiency, effectiveness, and creative solutions to ensure that wealthy donors can have healthy, thriving businesses and ultimately make the difference that they desire in our society.
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William High

William F. High is co-Founder of the Giving Legacy Organization, as well as President/General Counsel of the National Christian Foundation - Heartland. He graduated with honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in secondary education, and graduated as a Patricia Harris Roberts fellow from the University of Kansas School of Law. As a former partner in an international law firm and now with the National Christian Foundation, High has gathered a wide variety of experience working with clients of multi-billion dollar corporations. He has developed and run the largest request for proposal (RFP) proposal process for faith-based non-profits in the country. He works directly with high net worth individual givers, their families, and thousands of charities around the globe. The Giving Legacy Plans are constructed to meet the philanthropic intentions of the donors, while filling unmet needs in our communities. High is the conduit to ensure a fluid and successful implementation of such plans. He is a contributing author to Why the Conservative Mind Matters, and the author/editor of Grants for Christian Ministries, among other published papers and studies. A frequent speaker at conferences and events, High is currently working on a book on how demographic trends will shape the giving landscape and our country's future.

Matt Ziemianski

Matt Ziemianski is the Chief Technology Officer for the Giving Legacy Organization. He has a computer science degree from Rockhurst University. With 15 years of experience managing IT resources, Ziemianski specializes in custom implementation of challenging technology platforms for growing companies and now heads up the IT division at Karpel Solutions. Ziemianski is a Microsoft Partner and Cisco Certified. He navigates Windows, Linux, and AS400 platforms and has managed thousands of devices in multiple states. Ziemianski specializes in security and data preservation. As a self-starter, Ziemianski is instrumental in the strategic design of not only the company's IT systems, but also the overall strategic planning for the organization.