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Fair U-City is an annual fair where tens of thousands of people converge in Heman Park in University City to enjoy carnival rides, good food and great fun.
University City has a Jazz Festival that everyone should make it out to as it has some of the finest jazz musicians and singers in the Midwest.
University City is also home to many of the finest and most unique restaurants in the region.

Fair U City

June 10-12, 2016 Heman Park University City
Thousands of people, good food, great fun, wonderful volunteers, generous sponsors and all of the patrons make this event the annaul place to be in University City
Fair U City will be a success because of the work of dozens of community volunteers. If you would like to be involved – whether you live in University City or not – consider becoming a Fair U City Volunteer! This is a great way to meet new people while organizing an event that brings happiness to thousands of people from around the St. Louis area. Be part of the Fair U City team. Check out the job descriptions below.

Want to help plan the entertainment for this three-day fair?

Do you have experience in the field of Public Relations and Marketing? If so, we could use your help!

Fund Raising:
It takes money to put on a community carnival. Are you interested in reaching out to potential sponsors in University City and around the region? Hone your development and fund raising skills by working on the Fair U City Fund Raising Committee.

Planning a fair is one thing, but putting on a carnival is something else indeed! Be a part of our Operations Committee and help make this year's Fair U City the best Fair yet. There’s lots to do setting up the fair; making sure things run smoothly during the three days of the fair; and taking it all down after the fun is finished.

Do you like to work in an office? We want to staff the Fair U City office as much as possible. Let us know if you would like to commit to some regular hours helping out Fair U City in an administrative capacity.

Vendor Attraction:
Work with other volunteers to attract food, community and other vendors to take part in Fair U City. This is a great way to get to know the community.

Volunteer Organizing:
Help our volunteer coordinator organize everyone who wants to volunteer to make Fair U City a great success. Help is needed now and throughout the Fair weekend.

Fair U City is all about building community and bringing people together for a good time in a great community. YOU can help make Fair U City a fantastic community event. It might be hard work, especially as we get closer to the Fair weekend. But it’s fun and a great way to get to know your neighbors and University City.

University City Ministerial Alliance Directory

America needs to come together, not continue to divide. The University City Ministerial Alliance was created to build a unified community in University City that promotes respect, diverse faith and collaboration by connecting and serving all members as we grow our healthy community into the future.

The programs below not only outline the upcoming events where community members can come together for a good cause and good fun, but also outlines the great programs availalbe in Univercity City and the Greater St. Louis region. These programs are both for those who are seeking assistance and for those wishing to volunteer or provide resources to help keep these programs thriving.

University CityNeighborhood to the World

America needs a model of how a diverse community can co-exist in a way that brings compassion together with vitality. It is possible to have a thriving community and take care of those that need crucial assistance. It is possible to respect differences and also stand on uncompromising values. We have created a model in America whereby citizens can lean on each other in a unified community. We are the Neighborhood to the World...We are University City!

Click Here to listen to this classic and timeless 1972 #1 hit song by Bill Withers titled Lean On Me.

What makes this song so amazing, is that it speaks to every citizen in our community. At some point in all of our lives, we all need someone to lean on. However, the song goes deeper than that. Bill Withers talks about the natural tendency for people to lean on each other in his small town where he grew up, and then he moved to a big city. Mr Withers recounts the realization upon arriving in the big city, "My socialization was, it was very likely and very practical to expect a Lean On Me circumstance to exist. My experience was trying to adjust to a world where that circumstance was not the rule, rather it was the exception."

As you listen to the song and read along with the lyrics, all of us live in a community and all of us have needed to, or will need to, lean on someone in that community. Our challenge today is can we bring back the expectation that a Lean on Me circumstance is the rule, and not the exception? In University City, the Neighborhood to the World, we believe in Lean On Me...we live Lean On Me!

Take a look at the Upcoming Events and block out some time to go out and meet the great people of University City. If you have a passion for philanthropy, there are plenty of organizations where you can share your talents to those who need to lean on you. If you need to lean on others, there are great programs right in this directory to get the assistance that you deserve.

When we come together to connect those that have the ability and passion to give back with those seeking assistance, a funny thing happens, everyone in that equation feels the love. Watch this amazing three minute video that will leave you thinking about just how powerful giving back can be...to YOU! CLICK to watch the Giving Back Video,